‘’We aim to foster a strategic partnership with our Clients through the effective utilisation of our industry expertise and integrated HR solutions to drive business results.’’



You know what is best for your business. Virtual HR Services has specific areas of expertise, but you know your business best.

We aim to work alongside you to ensure that your HR requirements are addressed effectively.


Acting with integrity is the foundation of our business ethos. In every situation, we will conduct ourselves in a manner that is diplomatic, transparent and authentic.

We have your best interests at heart.


We take a results-based approach to the delivery of our HR services, based upon the timely execution of agreed upon deliverables.

We deliver on our promises.


  • To reduce the administrative burden which detracts from the primary aim of your business
  • To engage with a collaborative partner who offers superior service
  • You may not have the time, resources or experience in dealing with issues that relate to the employment relationship
  • You might be covering the basics but need to do more
  • An administrative mess with regards to HR documentation
  • No or inadequate HR information systems in place
  • Not big enough to afford an HR division but big enough to need one
  • No on call HR person to make sure every issue (no matter how minor) is dealt with correctly
  • Not 100% clued up on labour legislation (BCEA, LRA etc.) or legal requirements (DOL)
  • The risk of CCMA and legal come-backs for not complying with employment laws and legal procedures
  • To provide the best practice in HR standards, policies and procedures


  • We provide a flexible and customised HR solution specifically tailored to your business needs
  • A reduced labour cost: because we are independent contractors you don’t need to pay any regulated  statutory costs
  • We work around your schedule to provide a service whenever it is needed – we become your ‘’on call’’ HR person
  • You only pay for the time that is spent on your HR project or requirements – work can also be done outside of normal working hours
  • There are no added recruitment or agency costs
  • There is no additional training spend – all of our HR consultants are already 100% versed in their fields of expertise
  • No dedicated on-site office  space is required as your consultant can work from a virtual office (but is available if you need them on site)
  • No added overtime costs , yet your specified requirements will still be on schedule


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